International Life Sciences Institute, UG - Short Courses on Food Safety

Starting July 15, 2019 - Ending July 15, 2020 Expired

The ILSI UG Food Safety training centre is pleased to announce its two short courses on:

  1. Food Safety for Nutritionists and other Health Professionals (FSN): August 5-9, 2019
  2. Hazard Analyses and Critical Control Points system (FSN): August 12-16, 2019
FSN is a course designed to introduce the concepts and principles of food safety to individuals in food and hospitality as well as health care settings. Participants will be able to apply these principles for the prevention of food-borne illnesses and assois iciated malnutrition and assure consistently safe and quality food supply.
HACCP is a food safety management system used worldwide in small as well as in large scale food manufacturing or processing settings to prevent the occurrence of hazards in food which can cause adverse health effects when consumed by humans.


Our resource team includes seasoned food safety experts from the University of Ghana, the Ghana Food & Drugs Authority, and World class food processing industries to give participants a well rounded training experience. Training avenues include lectures, group discussions and activities, laboratory exercises as well as field and industrial visits.


This is a link to register for one or both courses


The fee for each participant per course is 850 Cedis and includes the cost of snacks and lunches, field and lab exercises and course materials. Each participant will also receive a certificate after a written assessment on the final day.