4th Climate Change And Population Conference On Africa 2015 [Cc Pop – Ghana 2015]

Starting January 1, 2001 - Ending January 1, 2001 Expired

Invitation to Contribute to the


4th Climate Change And Population Conference On Africa 2015

[Cc Pop – Ghana 2015]



29th – 31st July, 2015


Being organised by the:



Centre of Excellence



Proposed Theme:

“Climate Change, Sustainable Innovation and Partnerships"



ORID / CCWG, University of Ghana


Categories / Areas of Contribution:


Member, Local Organising Committee / Scientific Steering Committee

(to oversee the mobilisation of all logistics, resources, skill and call for proposals for symposia, special sessions and workshops, oral and poster presentations and ensuring quality assurance through peer reviewing)


Member, Fundraising and Travel Grant Committee

Support raising funding for conference logistics, organisation of specialised sessions, travel grants, and participation of students in particular]


Plenary Presentation

(You may nominate yourself for consideration for a plenary session on any of the agreed subthemes or propose any high profile speaker nationally / internationally by Friday 27th March 2015 by first seeking the consent of your nominee)



(You may also propose a session of four to six presentations per session which you will take lead in inviting individual papers and be responsible for their reviews and quality assurance. Please send (i) Not more than 8 word session title, (ii) 150 words background and justification within the conference theme, (iii) objectives, (iv) tentative list of presenters if any, (v) any potential sources funding (optional) to scodjoe@yahoo.com by Friday 27th March 2015)



Proposed Subthemes / Session Topics [New topics invited]

1.      Climate finance, fundraising and investment

2.      Green economy and green growth

3.      Climate smart agriculture 

4.      Integrated water resources management

5.      Regional integration

6.      Education and capacity building

7.      Gender mainstreaming

8.      Food security in the context of climate change

9.      Sustainable energy and industrialisation

10. Water, sanitation and health

11. Indigenous knowledge systems

12. Natural resource management

13. Climate negotiation and diplomacy

14. Climate assessment and development



You may contact the following for further discussion / clarification:


Samuel Nii Ardey Codjoe [for the CCWG Centre of Excellence]

Email: scodjoe@yahoo.com



Nancy Akwen Sah [Conference Coordinator / Fundraising Manager]

Email: nsakwen@ug.edu.gh