The Conference

XVth Colloquium, West African Archaeological Association (W.A.A.A/A.O.A.A)
10-14 July 2017
Department of Archaeology and Heritage Studies
University of Ghana, Legon-Ghana

Theme: “Archaeology of West Africa without Borders: Connecting and Integrating Heritage Knowledge Systems,”

The adoption of the central theme of this conference, “Archaeology of West Africa without Borders: Connecting and Integrating Heritage Knowledge Systems,” is meant to focus attention on cross border heritage research in West Africa. It is also meant to examine how to foster the use of archaeology to reveal cultural and knowledge systems that span the prehistoric and contemporary periods in West Africa without the encumbrances of artificial geographical and language borders. To what extent can the relevance of scientific and cultural findings of archaeology contribute to socio-cultural development within the sub region and in line with the principles of ECOWAS. Additionally, a cursory look across West Africa shows wanton destruction of its heritage resources in the face of developments of structures of modernization. How can the protection of heritage resources in West Africa be advocated as a regional problem needing a regional approach to help institute enforceable legislations that can intervene in such heritage destruction activities?

The Local organizing committee proposes the following sessions and sub-themes:

  • Heritage Legislations and Preventive/development-led Archaeology;
  • Archaeometallurgy;
  • Enhancing the Application of Archaeological Science in West Africa;
  • Pre-colonial Indigenous technologies and knowledge Systems;
  • Historical Archaeology;
  • Revamping Prehistoric Archaeological Research in West Africa;
  • Heritage and armed conflicts;
  • Archaeological research in West Africa: Challenges and Prospects;
  • Diet in West Africa: Beyond Subsistence;
  • Community Archaeology and Heritage Management in Africa: Methods, Practice and Impacts;

NOTE: Participants can submit abstracts of as many posters as they like but must submit only one paper abstract as the first/sole author. However, such a participant can be a second author on many papers but can only present one paper as a second author if the first author is not available. SUBMISSION OF SESSIONS AND ABSTRACTS ARE NOW CLOSED!!!