Brief History

The Department was founded in 1961 as a Library School under the authority of the Ghana Library Board, became the Department of Library Studies in 1965, and was renamed the Department of Library and Archival Studies in 1975, when it was affiliated to a UNDP/UNESCO Regional Centre for the training of Archivists. In 2014/2015, following the adoption of the collegiate system of management in the running of academic units, the Department ceased to operate under the then Faculty of Social Studies and became part of the School of Information and Communication Studies under the College of Education.  

The range of programmes offered by the Department has evolved significantly over the years. In 2000, the Department (then Department of Library and Archival Studies) introduced a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree programme in Library and Archival Studies. The department run the BA programme alongside six postgraduate programmes namely: Master of Arts in Library Studies; Master of Arts in Archival Studies; Master of Philosophy in Library Studies; Master of Philosophy in Archival Studies; Doctor of Philosophy in Library Studies; and Doctor of Philosophy in Archival Studies. In 2001, the name of the Department was changed from the Department of Library and Archival Studies to the Department of Information Studies. Accordingly, the name of the degree programme was also changed to Information Studies.  

The purpose of the revised programme was to produce information specialists who understood the complexities of information generation, who could develop quality information service and who should be able to fill senior and middle-level positions in the profession.  It also aimed at producing professionals who could engage in teaching and research. 

Recently, the programme has undergone further revision. Global developments in the information landscape, new information technologies and the requirement of the labour market have been prominent determinants influencing the revision exercise.