Welcome by Head of Department

The Department of Geography and Resource Development (formerly the Department of Geography until 1985) was established in 1948 following the establishment of the University College of the Gold Coast in that same year. It was amongst three departments within the social sciences that were first established alongside the Department of History and Economics. Geography and History belonged to the then Faculty of Arts, whereas Economics belonged to the Faculty of Commerce. Since its formative stages, the Department has grown in stature and gained international recognition and visibility based on its teaching, research and the quality of its faculty. Currently, the Department is made of three broad areas: human geography, physical geography and geospatial sciences.

The mission of the Department of Geography and Resource development is to develop world-class human resources and capabilities to meet national development needs and global challenges through quality teaching, learning, research and knowledge dissemination. In fulfillment of this mission, the Department has made teaching, research and extension activities more relevant to the development needs of Ghanaian society in particular and the world in general through the offering of attractive, innovative and demand-driven teaching programmes and research.

Recognizing the utility and application of remote sensing and geographic information systems (GIS), the Department since the 1990s has provided teaching and research in this direction. Currently, the Department has a 50-seater Remote Sensing and GIS Laboratory funded by the Council for Vocational Educational and Training (COVET) under its World Bank supported Skills Development Fund (SDF) initiative. The Lab is one of the well-equipped GIS Labs in Ghana with the state-of-the-art computers, GIS softwares, large format architectural E plotter, GPS equipment, etc. Services provided by the Lab include teaching, research, extension, training and consulting in areas of geospatial data mapping, geospatial data modelling, multiuser and enterprise geodatabase design, tuning and configuration, web mapping, urban planning, land use and land cover management, agricultural, food security and environmental resource management, soil and vegetation, climate and climate change risk management.


Head of Department

Professor Joseph  Yaro

BA (Gh), MPhil, PhD (Oslo Norway)