ENGL 436 Masterpieces of World Literature

This is an upper level course which introduces students to a small set of selected texts from various cultures and historical periods, each of which has become a foundation text in world literary heritage. The qualities that make such texts stand the test of...

ENGL 435 Studies in African Prose

This course is dedicated to a selection of important prose texts from the wider African literary canon, with emphasis on the contemporary period. The texts for the course will include both prose works originally written in the English language and those...

ENGL 434 Caribbean Literature

This course is devoted to representative authors/works that are fully grounded in the peculiarities of the Caribbean, defined by its historical-geographical reality of fragmentation as well as by its socio-cultural reality of multiple cultural heritages.

ENGL 433 English Literature from Milton to Blake

This course is intended to acquaint students with the variety and development of English literature from the age of John Milton to the age of William Blake. The reading on this course will be used to show how each of the writers under study could be said to...

ENGL 432 Twentieth Century Fiction

This course continues the exploration of the development of the novel in English with a study of a selection of novels from the early modern period – Henry James, Virginia Woolf, James Joyce, D. H. Lawrence and Joseph Conrad. The debates surrounding...

ENGL 431 Studies in Popular Literature

The course will consider the alleged disparity between the so-called ‘highbrow’ and ‘popular’ genre and themes in contemporary literature. It will consider the Ghanaian forms: the concert party, highlife texts and the new novel with...

ENGL 429 Satire and the Enlightenment

This course will be an exploration of the relationship between Literature, Politics and Society during the Enlightenment in Europe, and how these are manifested in the texts to be studied.

ENGL 428 Masterpieces of African Literature

This course will deepen knowledge of Africa’s major / landmark contributions to world literary heritage. It will pay critical attention to selected texts from various African countries, cultures, languages and historical periods.

ENGL 427 Renaissance Drama

This course will focus on dramatic attainment of this period of English literary history. The major dramatists of the period will be studied with a view to determining how each of them reflects and /or deviates from the characteristics of the period.

ENGL 426 Special Author

This course is a specialist seminar on individual authors of exceptional significance in world literary history. The seminar will be devoted to an in-depth examination of representative texts from what must, in each case, be a substantial corpus of major...