Head of Department's Welcome Message

Welcome to the Department of English at the University of Ghana. We are the premier university department that offers English in Ghana. Our programmes include a B.A. in English, as well as several graduate programmes including the regular M.A. and MPhil., PhD. and our newest addition: the M.A. in Contemporary English Studies sandwich programme which started in June 2014.  Our graduate programmes offer options in either language or literature. We also run the University of Ghana-Carnegie Writing Centre which offers writing support for faculty and students.

We offer a wide range of exciting courses at the undergraduate level, both in literature and in language. These include:

·         Ghanaian, African and postcolonial literature

·         English, African-American and American literature

·         literary theory

·         practice in criticism

·         film

·         creative writing

·         English in Ghana

·         history of the English language

·         pidgins & creoles

·         expository writing

·         business writing

·         English as a second language

At the graduate level we offer equally diverse and provocative courses such as:

·         oral communication in the mass media

·         language in performance

·         philosophy of language

·         bilingualism

·         second language acquisition

·         corpus linguistics

·         public speaking and speech writing

·         linguistic models of language analysis

·         oral literature

·         the epic in world literature

·         comparative literature

·         literary theory and criticism

·         the novel

·         culture and arts criticism

·         auto/biographical writing

·         writing and representation

·         imperial/colonial discourse

·         popular genres

Our internationally known faculty members include linguists, translators, creative writers, performing artists, literature specialists and writing support scholars. We publish a broad variety of scholarly, editorial and creative writing: ranging from translations from German and Danish on the slave trade, to studies of oral literature, Ghanaian literature and African literature, to codifying Ghanaian English, to language and migration in Ghana.

Department Profile:

·           Undergraduate BA programme offers three options: single major, combined major or minor

·           Regular MA, MPhil. & PhD. programmes offer options in language or literature with a focus on any of the specific areas mentioned above

·           MA Sandwich offers concentrations in Arts/Criticism/Pedagogy, or Business/ Communication/Media

·           UG-Carnegie Writing Centre offers Writing support for faculty and students at various stages of their writing projects - from planning and drafting to editing

·           Enrolls over 700 undergraduate and 53 graduate students

·           Funded Departmental team research projects, including “Nation and Narration” and “Codifying Ghanaian English”

·           Editorship of Legon Journal of the Humanities, UG’s flagship journal of the arts

Please peruse our website to find out more about what the Department of English encompasses, and/or let our faculty and staff know how we can help you.