Brief History

In 1963, the Government of Ghana encouraged dance activities to function as a vital experience in the lives of Ghanaians - hence the introduction of Dance studies in the general education programme at the
university level. A solid university education especially, with regards to dance, must be one that provokes thought processes and educates individuals broadly about the world. It must also equip individuals with a continuing capacity for creative and critical analysis (thinking), and reasoning (imagination) over a lifetime. Additionally, a solid university education must also encompass the reality of today’s world, not so much in terms of training, which many call for, but rather, in terms of the readiness that students need and must have to participate in the economic and social environments of their world after university work.

The Department of Dance Studies evolved in the year 1977, when the then School of Music and Drama changed its name to School of Performing Arts, and has continued to showcase all that is best in African and world performance Music and scholarship.