Workshop on Heterogeneous Catalysis, Nanomaterials, X-ray Techniques and NMR

Under the auspices of the Leverhulme-Royal Society Africa Awards Phase II Project -
Sustainable Biodiesel Production from Ghanaian and Tanzanian Plant Oil Seed Crops.

This workshop is to build capacity as part of the Award.

Collaborating partners:
European Bioenergy Research Institute
Engineering and Applied Science
Aston University, UK

Chemistry Department
College of Natural and Applied Sciences
University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Chemistry Department & Material Science Department
College of Basic and Applied Sciences
University of Ghana, Legon

Date: 23 and 24 May, 2017.

Time : 9:00 am each day.
Venue: Chemistry Department, University of Ghana, Legon.


Interested persons are welcome!!!!

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