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The Department offers a range of undergraduate honors degree courses both from within and collaboratively with other Departments within the  Faculty of Science with over 1,500 undergraduates passing through the Department each year.The range of courses reflects the ‘centre stage’ that Chemistry occupies within the sciences, as well as the wide range of career opportunities available to science graduates. Many of these courses allow a further range of options for study abroad (USA, Japan, Australia and Europe) or to gain work experience within the chemical industry, or through long term research projects for higher degree.

The Department of Chemistry has a thriving environment with 1500 undergraduates and 8 postgraduate students from different countries. These students are supported by about 17 academic, 14 technical, 7-non technical and 2 administrative staff. Senior members are with varied background and experience where they offer quality services in teaching and research in the areas of physical/analytical chemistry, organic and inorganic chemistry.

Chemistry is a multi-disciplinary science with researchers at the UG engaged in initiatives in the biological, chemical and physical sciences. Chemistry researchers are located in the new FG Torto Building. The Department draws research funding from the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, TALIF, the University of Ghana Research Fund, the Export Development and Investment Fund and Kasapreko Company Limited with grants for the past two years totaling over three hundred thousand Ghana cedis (GH¢300,000). Scientists within the Department have received numerous awards including grants from the International Foundation of Science, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Award, Royal Society-Leverhulme Trust Africa Award and prizes from Industry and Government. Just recently, one of our young researchers won the Young Research Scientist Award, Gold category, in the  1st National Science Congress.

Our undergraduate teaching programmes provide quality, up-to-date training in chemistry by experts in their field.Our teaching programme is strongly supported by local industries with many of them sponsoring undergraduate prizes awarded annually for outstanding achievement. Our teaching laboratories are standard and equipped with appropriate instrumentation. We are in the process of establishing a Student Advisory Centre and upgrading of our main lecture theatres to include state-of-the-art audio and visual facilities for undergraduate teaching.

The Department has a dynamic, vibrant and highly stimulating teaching and research environment which is achieved through a blend of high quality students and faculty who are committed to learning and scientific discovery. We welcome applications from students for our BSc, MPhil and PhD programmes. The choice of subject areas is extensive and we are confident that we have a course to suit your interests. We want to be sure that what ever your future ambitions may be, these are achieved at the UG. 

Legon has many attractions ranging from sporting to cultural. The campus is conveniently located outside the City centre in extensive parkland and there is also easy access to shops and restaurants. Legon is a great place to live and study! I hope that you find subsequent pages informative and interesting. Please contact us directly if we can help further in providing you with information on what the Department has to offer.