VC's Student Digitalisation Initiative

Hot-spot Comfort Zones

With the increase in student numbers and the challenges associated with the infrastructure deficit at the University of Ghana, it has become more evident that students often have difficulties finding places to sit/wait in between lectures including the unavailability of adequate washrooms.

Although this challenge has existed for some time now, it has recently been exacerbated due to the increase in students’ numbers following the introduction of the free Senior High School policy. This is the case because students from the second cycle institutions ultimately feed into public tertiary institutions like the University of Ghana.

The provision of the Hot-spot Comfort Zones around the University campus where students can access washrooms and relax in-between classes will improve on students’ experience and potentially enhance their academic fortunes. Additionally, these zones will be equipped with Wi-Fi and other digital technologies to enable students make the best use of their free periods.

Implementation Strategies

Based on mapping conducted by the University’s Physical Development and Municipal Services Directorate (PDMSD), 15 Hot-spot Comfort zones will need to be constructed across the campuses of the University, including the Legon Campus, Accra City Campus, Korle Bu Campus, Kumasi City Campus, and Takoradi City Campus. The average cost of each Hot-Spot Comfort zone is GH₵ 300,000 and the University is inviting alumni, philanthropists and corporate bodies to consider providing one or more of these units on any campus of their choice.