VC's Student Digitalisation Initiative

The Initiatives

Hot-spot Comfort Zones

With the increase in student numbers and the challenges associated with the infrastructure deficit at the University of Ghana, it has become more evident that students often have difficulties finding places to sit/wait in between lectures including the unavailability of adequate washrooms.

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One Student One Laptop (1S1L)

At the height of the pandemic when most lectures were held online/virtually, it was noted that significant numbers of students had no laptops and as such had difficulties participating fully in virtual classes, online discussions and related academic activities. Considering that the deployment of digital technologies in higher education has gained momentum in recent times and proven to be capable of delivering positive educational outcomes, it is imperative that students in general and needy students in particular are supported as the University seeks to build an inclusive community.

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Classroom Modernisation

Over the past 70 plus years and despite being the premier University, UG has struggled to maintain classroom infrastructure to match the exponential growth in its student population. This challenge appears to be primarily driven by the fact that UG is predominantly dependent on Government of Ghana (GoG), through GETFund for infrastructure support. This has over the years proven burdensome for the GETFund on account of the increasing number of public universities and the other academic institutions across the country.

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Fund Raising

Management of the University of Ghana intends to finance the project with funds raised from donors or partners from within and outside of the University including corporate bodies. Specifically, the fund raising will target the following set of donors:

  • The University of Ghana and Units within it
  • Individual Employees within the University
  • Corporate Partners
  • Individual Donors Outside of the University
  • District/Municipal Assemblies and other government agencies

Benefits to Partners

Individuals and organisations that contribute to the projects will have the following options of recognition:

  • Remaining anonymous
  • Being recognised on an honor roll
  • Branding space in the facilities
  • Naming privileges for the facilities, or
  • Other forms of recognition that could be negotiated.

Project Estimates

NO. Project Quantity Estimated Cost Unit Price (GH₵) Total (GH₵) 1. Classroom Modernisation 50 487,500-1,275,000 32,250,000 2. One Student One Laptop 6000 2,625 - 3,000 16,875,000 3. Hotspot Comfort Zone 15 300,000 4,500,000 Grand Total 53,625,000

To offer support for this noble cause, kindly contact:

Ms. Victoria A. Anim
Office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor (ASA)
Telephone: 030 288 6958

Ms. Joy Lamptey
Office of Institutional Advancement
Telephone: 0555545768