We work with researchers, staff and students at the University of Ghana to help develop their ideas and novel research into new businesses, products or services. We also help faculty, staff and students to manage inventions and technologies that may have societal and/or economic impact, with or without commercialisation.

What We Do

  1. Explore opportunities for collaboration between UG academia and industry in finding solutions to business/societal problems
  2. Promote research partnerships between UG academia, students and industry
  3. Work with the Pre and Post Award Team to develop, review and negotiate research contracts and agreements
  4. Create awareness on intellectual property and technology transfer
  5. Receive intellectual property disclosures
  6. Evaluate disclosures for their novelty, commercial potential, requirements for development
  7. Protect intellectual property through patents and other appropriate forms of protection
  8. Facilitate the transfer of technologies from the University
  9. Manage the licensing process
  10. Distribute royalties and other revenue from commercialisation
  11. Maintain an inventory of the University’s intellectual assets