TDTC issues Statement on 2017 IP Day Celebration



April 26 each year marks World Intellectual Property Day.

The objective of the celebration is to create awareness on the role of intellectual property rights (copyright, trademarks, patents, industrial designs, etc.) in encouraging creativity and innovation.

This year, we mark the day on the theme, “Innovation – Improving Lives”.

Innovation has led to effective products, processes, technologies or services that are making our lives more comfortable, safer and healthier. Innovations can be protected through intellectual property rights.

The intellectual property system attracts investment, rewards creators and allows for the dissemination of new knowledge to inform future research or technology development. It also promotes job creation, facilitates technology transfer, spurs economic growth and enhances the quality of life.

As the University of Ghana joins the international community in commemorating the day, we take pride in sharing some laudable initiatives / achievements at the University as follows:

  1. Development and adoption of an institutional intellectual property policy;
  2. Development of guidelines to the intellectual property policy;
  3. Awareness creation on intellectual property through the distribution of various information materials, presentations and seminars;
  4. Inauguration of an Intellectual Property Committee;
  5. Training workshops on intellectual property, technology transfer, entrepreneurship and related matters for the Intellectual Property Committee, faculty, research support staff and students;
  6. Review of invention disclosures;
  7. Filing of a patent application in conjunction with other collaborators under the Patent Cooperation Treaty system. A national phase application has been made in Ghana for which we are awaiting a decision.

We wish to thank the University community for supporting our cause.

For more information on intellectual property, technology transfer and related matters, kindly contact us at the Office of Research, Innovation and Development (ORID), Ground Floor, LECIAD Building.

You can also reach us via email at; or on IP number 2717.