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The Judicial Board comprises chairpersons of the various JCRs of the halls of residence in the university and is referred to as Justices.

The members of the board are of moral character and each pursues a full course in legal studies at the Faculty of Law of the university. The board is not interfered with by any executive committee, general assembly or any person.

The judicial board enforces and interprets the SRC constitution, settles disputes through hearings and provides a remedy, and has a duty in matters relating to elections. The board is however guided by the constitution of Ghana, the laws of Ghana and the statues of the university.



The Audit Board is centrally a watchdog and a reporter of the financial statements and disbursements of the Students' Representative Council. It objectively reviews and examines the financial records and activities of the SRC and of all committees or commissions to assess the adequacy of system controls, to ensure compliance with established policies and operational procedures and to recommend necessary changes in controls and procedures. The Audit Board in each semester publishes its findings and report to inform the generality of the student body because the contentment of the student body is central to the success of the SRC. It is a five-member board nominated by the General Assembly. Mr. Andy E. Haziel chairs the board.