Head of Department's Welcome

Hello and welcome to  the  Department  of  Statistics  &  Actuarial  Science,  University  of  Ghana. Our Department is doing very well by national and international standards – with regards to infrastructure   and with regards to teaching excellence and scientific recognition. Our department   can   boost  of  one  of  the  largest  assembly  of  statisticians or  actuaries  in  the West  African  sub-region.  Our  students  have  the  opportunity  of  obtaining   their  degrees  under  the  tutelage  of   these experienced  lecturers who  have not  only  taught  for  several  years  in  UG but  have also the  experience  of   successful   execution  numerous  statistical  consultancy  jobs.  All  our  programmes  (both  Undergraduate  and  Postgraduate)  have  undergone  comprehensive  reviews    to    reflect  current  demand  by  industry  for  well-trained  graduates with  various  level  of  computational  skills  for  employment. I hope that, after viewing our site, you will be as excited about our programmes as the senior members  and students are. Feel free  to contact us for any further information or questions, or a request a more detailed orientation or tour of the  Department.

Head  of  Department