Objectives and Vision

Statistics is the science that deals with the methods of handling data, including the organization and analysis of numerical information arising out of a systematic plan technically called research design which within the context of a specific study is characterized by a structure that yields answers to specific questions. Some terms commonly and freely used in Statistics, but which may not be properly understood by many are population, sample, parameter, statistic, random sample, random variable, sampling distributions, estimate, data, etc.

The mission of the department is to provide excellent training in scientific data collection, data management, methods and procedures of data analysis. The philosophy is to concentrate learning and training activities on the art of probabilistic reasoning, that is, the logic and principles that should guide rational decision making under conditions of limited information and uncertainty. This philosophy equips our students with skills that all employers consider desirable. The expectation is that excellent training in Statistics will inspire rational decision making in all areas of social, commercial and scientific pursuits and minimize if not eliminate superstitious explanation.