UG Sports Directorate Organises Orientation for Student Sports Council

The Sports Directorate has organised an orientation for members of the University of Ghana Student Sports Council. The forum gave Council members an insight into the organisation of sports on campus, the activities of the Directorate and how relevant they are in the chain.

The Sports Council is made up of Sports Secretaries from all the Halls of Residence, School Team Captains and the Executives of the Council.

The Senior Assistant Registrar, Mr. Augustine Amissare

Welcoming staff and student sports leaders to the orientation, the Senior Assistant Registrar, Mr. Augustine Amissare of the Sports Directorate emphasised the importance of the Students Sports Council as stakeholders in the activities of the Sports Directorate. He added that the role they play require for such forum to orient them on their roles in order to be effective and relevant as stakeholders. He admonished them to take the exercise seriously, ask all the relevant questions to enable them to be good ambassadors of the Sports Directorate among their colleagues. Mr. Amissare challenged them to relook at the way they operate especially with the COVID-19 pandemic lurking to bring onboard innovative and creative strategies in organising sports on UG campus.

The Director of Sports, Dr. Bella Bello Bitugu

The Director of Sports commended staff of the Directorate for organising such a forum and also the Student Sports Council responding positively to participate in the orientation. He reiterated that the purpose of the orientation was to empower them to be functional in their various roles as Sports Secretaries of the Junior Common Room and Executives of the Student Sports Council. He reminded them that the sports they do first and foremost is for themselves and the University as secondary beneficiaries. Dr. Bitugu advised them to shift from the mentality of entitlement and bring onboard dynamism, innovation to the activities, policies and strategies such as the Inter-Hall Games, the University of Ghana Policy on the Admission of Athlete Students (UG-PAAS) and the University of Ghana Sport Fund (UG-SF).

He reechoed the fact that they have been entrusted with leadership and they must show results at the end of their tenure. He appealed to them to be visionary and be transformative leaders. He called for broader consultations with stakeholders especially the Student Representative Council (SRC) to strategize and build upon what their predecessors entrusted to them. He added that they will be remembered more as leaders after completing their studies through the legacies they leave behind. Dr. Bitugu promised them of the full support of the Sports Directorate. He indicated the opportunities the Sports Directorate is trying to create for them through the Africa Games to be hosted in Ghana in 2023. He mentioned the Games Village for the Games will be on campus and therefore they should take advantage of it and be part of celebrating Africa together.

Mr. Abdul Somed Yusif, General Sports Secretary

The General Sports Secretary, Mr. Abdul Somed Yusif was grateful to the Sports Directorate for the orientation and the lessons learnt will improve their work.

“We are grateful to the Sports Directorate. The presentations by the facilitators have enlightened us to go out there to strive for excellence and bring the needed change we so desire to see in UG with regards to sports development. We will also be good ambassadors among our colleagues in teaching them good practices and provide leadership.”

Miss. Stephanie Naadu Antwi, Ag. SRC President

The Ag. SRC President Miss. Stephanie Naadu Antwi together with her team pledged their support to sports development on campus. She mentioned that the Sports Committee of the SRC will be constituted soon with members drawn from the Student Sports Council.