The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our way of life. For this reason, the President of the republic has issued directives to schools and colleges not to organise team sports. The University of Ghana Sports Directorate in an effort to engage the University Community and the public has come up with the UG 2021 Virtual Inter Hall Games. This will be an online event with zero physical contact. All participants will be engaged in competitive match-ups online.



16 halls will take part in 5 disciplines spanning about three weeks. The games will be via a knockout system on Twitter with updates shared on Facebook and Instagram. The disciplines involved are football, volleyball, basketball, handball and hockey.



Game winners will be determined by simple majority across the various social media platforms. The losers of any given game are immediately knocked out of the tournament. Winners then proceed to the next stage. Since there are 16 halls, the tournament fixtures would appear as follows:


The tournament per discipline will span 4 days as follows:

  • Round of 16 - 1 day
  • Quarter-final - 1 day
  • Semi-final - 1 day
  • Final – 1 day

The winner will be determined immediately after the final match.



To vote, one must like and follow the University of Ghana Sports Directorate pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Polls of contesting halls will be published on Twitter per discipline. Voting will be open to all. Everyone will be eligible to vote once per match. Polls will be published from 9am and end at 6pm each match day ON TWITTER ONLY. This means that voting can only be done on Twitter only. Updates will however be shared on all other platforms. The winners would be determined by simple majority soon after a game is over. The public will be able to see real time results.

In order to distinguish between the various disciplines, the following colour codes will be employed for the e-flyers when results are posted.

  • Football     -           Red                 
  • Volleyball  -           Yellow
  • Handball    -           Green
  • Basketball -           Blue
  • Hockey      -           Cyan