14th West African Universities Games: Mid-Event Official Results

The saying, “A bad beginning makes a good ending” characterizes the slow start of the 14th West African Universities Games (WAUG), hosted by University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. After surmounting teething organization problems, the Games have been running smoothly without hitch.
University of Ghana (UG) is participating in Athletics, Badminton, Handball, Swimming, Table Tennis and Tennis. The performances of UG has been impressive and this can be seen in the official mid-event results below.
The Director of Sports at the University of Ghana, Dr. Bella Bello Bitugu, indicated that, the UG Teams are here to compete against the best Nigerian athletes who are also core members of the Nigeria national teams.
Dr. Ted Annang, member of the UG Sports Directorate Management Committee, anticipates that, the UG Teams can win medals in the aforementioned six disciplines. Being an ardent sport enthusiast, he lauded the performances of the UG athletes whose efforts in the Games have been phenomenal.
The Head Coach, Mr. Henry Nii Sackey, mentioned that, he is not surprised about UG’s performances because of the effective and efficient preparations and planning ahead of the Games. He commended his fellow coaches as well as the athletes for a job well done so far. 
Speaking with Jennifer Tuttor, General Sports Secretary of UG, she indicated, that the spirit of the UG teams is very high and this can be accorded to the unflinching support from the Sports Directorate. She further mused that, the UG athletes’ mission at the 14th WAUG is to make UG and Ghana proud.
University of Ghana’s performances look good and could mark the highest number of medals won by UG in the history of WAUG. Dr. Bella Bello Bitugu, therefore, calls for any form of support to the UG Teams as the final moments of the 14th WAUG draw nigh. 
Click here for the Mid-event Official Results of the 14th WAUG. Note that the results only entail the disciplines in which UG participates in.