Brief History

The Department of Soil Science was originally administratively combined with the Department of Crop Science until 1982 when it became full-fledged and independent. The independence was due to the increased awareness of the role Soil Science plays in improving agricultural production and environmental (including land) management. The first Head of the Department was Prof. D.K. Acquaye of blessed memory. Other Heads of the Department have been Dr. S. Duah-Yentumi, Prof. Y. Ahenkorah, Prof. E. Owusu-Bennoah, Prof. S.K.A. Danso, Prof. K.B. Laryea, Prof. S.G.K. Adiku, Dr. Stella Asuming-Brempong, Prof. M.K. Abekoe and Prof. G.N.N. Dowuona. The Department has produced many other illustrious men and women who are now in various fields of endeavour.

The major activities of the Department have covered teaching, research and extension.  The Department has recognized the ever-growing global awareness of the role of agriculture not only as an effective food and fibre supplier, but also a contributor to degradation and remediation of the environment. Thus, the strategic plan of the Department has two goals namely;

  1. To be a world class Department that trains soil and environmental scientists with the cutting-edge skills and expertise to adequately address both agricultural and environmental issues of our society and
  2. To be a leading Department in Africa that undertakes quality scientific research activities with high publication rates and development of patent products to enhance agricultural production and sustainable environmental management.