Objectives and Vision


To become a model professional training Department in a World Class University that is recognized for the provision of quality and meaningful social work education, with emphasis on research and practice.



To prepare highly competent social work practitioners at the Bachelor and Graduate Levels in order to enhance human wellbeing by supporting individuals, families and communities’ capacity to address their needs.



  • To provide students with knowledge and skills needed for Social Work practice in varied settings within local and international contexts.
  • To nurture students’ abilities to critically examine the influence of diversity on client systems that may include privilege, oppression or marginalization. 
  • To equip students with basic competencies needed to work with individuals, families, groups and communities to help manage their daily lives, cope with and address issues that impede their progress.
  • To develop practice skills needed to assist people identify and develop their potentials and change their environment through self-help, advocacy and by influencing social policy.
  • To inculcate in students the social work ethical principles that seek to protect beneficiaries of social work services, ensure professionalism in dealing with clients and the wider society, safeguard the integrity of the profession and ensure provision of quality services to recipients.
  • To build in students belief in the inherent capacity and drive of people toward change that can make life more fulfilling and meaningful; to believe that each person has a responsibility for him/herself and for his/her fellow human being.
  • To prepare social work professionals to recognize that there are human needs common to people, but yet each person is essentially unique and different.
  • To assist students  understand themselves, their strengths and weaknesses through self-awareness exercises and to enable them deal with their own prejudices/biases and learn how to separate their cultural beliefs and values from that of the people they serve. 
  • To equip students with macro level practice skills,  such as policy analysis, social justice advocacy and human rights assessment so that they would become and encourage others to be participants in building a more just society.
  • To collaborate with public and private sector social service organizations to prepare competent social work practitioners and scholars who will contribute to the wellbeing of humanity.