POLI 347: International Conflict, Conflict Resolution and Human Rights

The course will deal with the nature, sources and types of international conflict, conflict behaviour among states, mechanisms for conflict resolution (e.g. negotiations, mediation, arbitration), peace and justice and institutions like International Court of...

POLI 346: Africa in the Global System

This course is about the history and dynamics of world economy and global power configurations; impact on Africa and Africa’s responses.

POLI 345: International Organizations

Topics to be treated in this course include the aims, objectives and problems of the League of Nations, the aims, objectives, problems and future roles of the United Nations and its agencies, the OAU/African Union, ECOWAS and European Union.

POLI 343: Introduction to Political Research

The course will introduce students to aims and objectives social research; different approaches to research-e.g. empirical research – and their characteristics; problems of verification, objectivity generalization, explanation (theory building) and...

POLI 341: Ancient and Medieval Political Thought

This is a study of Plato, Aristotle, Cicero, Augustine, Aquinas and Machiavelli.

POLI 214: Introduction to Comparative Politics

The course deals with basic elements and methods of comparing politics among nations with case studies. There will be an introduction to key theories: functionalism, modernization, behaviouralism approach, dependency, etc.

POLI 213: Introduction to Public Administration

This course is an introduction to the basic ideas, concepts, principles and theories of public administration, decentralization, co-production, role of state in national investment etc.

POLI 212: Introduction to International Politics

The course examines the nature, scope and meaning of international politics; theory and its relevance to international politics, the traditional-scientific debate; the concept of national interest actors in international politics- state, governmental, non-...

POLI 211: Introduction to Development Studies

This course provides an introduction to the basic ideas, concepts, principles and theories of development studies.

POLI 112: Political Institutions

This is a study of African traditional political institutions and modern political institutions including the executive, legislature, judiciary, bureaucracy, forms of representation and electoral process, pressure groups and political parties etc.