POLI 447: Foreign Policy Analysis

This is a study of issues, principles, and factors that influence foreign policy decisions; and also the various stages, procedures and mechanisms involved.

POLI 446: Ghana’s Foreign Policy

Factors underlying the foreign policy options of various governments since 1957 will be examined.

POLI 445: Politics of International Economic Relations

This course will explore the relations between international politics and international relations; perspectives on international political/economic relations; the post-war economic order and its impact on African countries; globalization and the developing...

POLI 443: Applied Political Research

The following areas will be covered in this course: Research topic, problematizing research, literature review- reasons and scope: data collection: sampling types, probability and nonprobability samples; direct (e.g. field study) and indirect observation:...

POLI 442: Social and Political Theory

This course will focus on the nature and task of political theory; its relation to other social science disciplines as well as Normative and empirical political theory.

POLI 441: Political Economy of Africa’s Development since Independence

This course deals with analyses of domestic and global forces influencing Africa’s development; changing global power structure and development strategies and trends in Africa.

POLI 400: Independent Study

This course is spread over 2 semesters. Students are encouraged to conduct an independent research-based study on a topic approved by the Department on the basis of which they will write an essay of not more than 10,000 words.

POLI 374: Politics of Industrial Relations in Ghana

This is a survey of the context and dynamics State-Labour relations since 1950s.

POLI 372: Political Thought in the Black Diaspora

This course focuses on anti-colonial thinking among African-Americans on Cultural Nationalism, Pan Africanism and Socialism.

POLI 368: Politics in Developing Countries – East and Southern Africa

The course will examine the institutional, economic and social determinants of politics (both internal and external) using two countries politics from the region as case study.