PHAR 321 Pharmaceutical Technology

In this course students will learn the theoretical basis of processes employed in the pharmaceutical
industry for the manufacture and quality assurance of pharmaceutical products. The course will cover
good manufacturing practices in general, and...

PHAR 224 Physical Pharmacy Practical

This course will provide students with an understanding of the practical aspects of the relevance of the
following phenomena in pharmacy: Thermodynamics; solutions and phase Equilibria. Ionic solutions and
Electrolytic Equilibria; Reaction kinetics;...

PHAR 223 Pharmaceutical Microbiology II Practical

In this course, students will become familiar with the types of equipment used for sterilization and
disinfection in formulation and manufacture of sterile pharmaceutical products. Students will acquire
hands-on practical experience with the formulation and...

PHAR 222 Physical Pharmacy

This course provides for an understanding of the physical concepts applicable to pharmacy.
The course deals with the following characteristics of matter pertaining to pharmacy:
States of Matter – liquid, solid, gaseous states, polymorphism,...

PHAR 221 Pharmaceutical Microbiology II

This course will make students aware of the significance and implications of microbial contamination of
pharmaceutical products and the need for disinfection and sterilization. Methods of Sterilization will
cover dry heat; moist heat (autoclave-various...

PHAR 126 Pharmaceutical Microbiology I Practical

This course seeks to provide students with practical skills in microbiology through the following sources
of micro-organisms: soil, atmosphere, water bodies, humans and pharmaceutical containers, etc.
Microscopic examination of prepared slides – fungi...

PHAR 125 Principles of Pharmacy Practical

Introduction to dispensing prescriptions – labelling, sources of information, pharmaceutical
compounding, posology and dosage calculations, pharmaceutical calculations, measurements and
weighing. Pharmaceutical dosage forms; Routes of administration,...

PHAR 124 Pharmaceutical Microbiology I

This course will expose students to bacteriology, virology, mycology and parasitology. Bacteriology will
cover the historical; classification and nomenclature; structure and function; culture media; growth
requirements, dynamics of growth; mode of...

PHAR 123 Introduction to Principles of Pharmacy

This course will explain the fundamental principles of pharmacy as the procurement, storage and delivery
of medicines in accordance with the ethics and laws of pharmacy practice. The course will provide
students with the knowledge of the theory and practice...