PHAR 126 Pharmaceutical Microbiology I Practical

This course seeks to provide students with practical skills in microbiology through the following sources
of micro-organisms: soil, atmosphere, water bodies, humans and pharmaceutical containers, etc.
Microscopic examination of prepared slides – fungi, bacteria etc. Staining techniques: simple, differential
(Gram) stain, spore and motility. Culture media; Liquid/Solid; aerobic/anaerobic media; routine and
diagnostic media (include McIintosh Fields’ Jar, Anaerobic Jar). Isolation of micro-organisms: Serial
dilution, pour plate, streaking, spreading etc. Bacterial and Fungal enumeration: Total count
turbidometrics microscopic count, viable count, pour plate, roll tube, over dried (Miles and Misra) agar
plate techniques. Statistical evaluation of counting techniques.