PHYS 410: Project Work

Students undertake a limited research project under supervision of a Senior Member. A final report is required. Students are expected to report on their findings at a departmental seminar.

PHYS 359: Physics of Solids I

Lattice translation vectors, symmetry operations; types of lattices; simple crystal structures; effect of deformation on crystals and their properties; crystal diffraction and the reciprocal lattice; Bragg's Law; experimental diffraction methods;...

PHYS 352: Quantum Mechanics I

Principles of quantum mechanics; Time-independent Schrödinger equation; Interpretation of wave properties as probability amplitudes; Superposed energy states; Uncertainty principle; Lifetimes; Moving wave packets; One dimensional scattering; Potential wells...

PHYS 242: Oscillations and Waves

Simple, damped and forced oscillations; decay of oscillations, resonance; general properties of waves; waves in one dimension; superposition of waves; dispersion and group velocity; Doppler effect; waves in physical media; waves in two and three dimensions,...