PHYS 256: Computational Methods in Physics I

Limits of computation; Introduction to numerical methods—Functions and roots, Approximation, Interpolation, Systems of linear equations, Least squares, Numerical differentiation and integration, Finite differences; Realistic projectile motion;...

PHYS 248: Introduction to Physics of Materials

Forces between atoms and molecules and their consequences; Elastic modulae – Young's, Shear, Bulk; Poisson ratio, non-elastic behaviour; Flow properties of fluids; Continuity equation, hydrostatic equation, Euler's and Bernoulli's equations...

PHYS 246: Nuclear Physics I

Radioactivity, nuclear radiation; Detection of nuclear radiation; Structure and properties of the nucleus; binding energy and nuclear forces; Fission and fusion; Applications of radioactivity – Dating, radiology, radiotherapy, analysis.

PHYS 245: Electromagnetism I

Electric field and potential gradient; Gauss's law and it's applications; electric field around conductors; Dielectric medium: polar and non-polar molecules, electric polarization and bound charges; Displacement vector; Gauss's Law in dielectrics...

PHYS 244: Mathematical Methods I

Calculus of functions of several variables, partial differentiation, total differential, Euler's theorem on homogeneous functions; Constrained and unconstrained extrema, multiple integrals; Jacobian; Scalar and vector fields; Line, surface and volume...

PHYS 241: Atomic Physics and Quantum Phenomena

Quantum Phenomena
Blackbody radiation and Planck’s hypothesis, photons and electromagnetic waves, photo-electric effect, Compton Effect, double-slit experiment, wave properties of particles, uncertainty principle, Schrödinger equation, particle in a...

PHYS 206: Practical Physics IV

Laboratory experiments illustrating modern experimental techniques and error analysis

PHYS 205: Practical Physics III

Laboratory experiments illustrating modern experimental techniques and error analysis.

PHYS 144: Electricity and Magnetism

Electric Charge and Electric Field: Electric charge, Conductors, insulators and induced charges, Coulomb's law, Electric field and Electric forces, Charge distributions, Electric dipoles
Gauss’ Law: Charge and electric flux,...

PHYS 143: Mechanics and Thermal Physics

Properties of Vectors: Geometrical representation, multiplication (dot product and cross product), the three-dimensional Cartesian co-ordinate system, Components of a vector, Direction Cosines, Linear Independence, Magnitude of a vector,...