Welcome by Head of Department

Welcome to the Department of Physical Education and Sport Studies (PESS).
The Department’s human capacity training focuses on four strategic objectives including:

  1. Sport and Recreation Management
  2. Teaching Physical Education & Sport
  3. Athletic Training for Sport Enhancement, and
  4. Psyco-physiology of Sport Coaching

Currently, we have secured accreditation for a B.A. in Sport and Physical Culture Studies degree with primary emphasis on sport management. In the immediate future, the PESS Department will open up doors for other degree offerings in the following areas:

  • B.Ed. Physical Education and Sport Studies
  • M.Ed/Mphil Physical Education and Sport Studies
    • Basic School PES Option
    • Secondary PES Option
  • M.A./Mphil Physical Education and Sport Studies
  • Sport Management Option
  • Psyco-physiology of Sport Option

Our research focus is at the cutting-edge in sports, physical education and physical activity. We are the Nation's hub for the study of sport and physical activity. Our research, drives policy actions- all towards empowering kids to move for health, academic and sport excellence etc. 

The University of Ghana is a very vibrant place and there are lots of opportunities afforded to students while studying here. The many open lectures, seminars, conferences and hands-on practical/community learning experiences will supplement your formal programme of study.                  

A warm welcome from myself and colleagues at PESS.

Best Wishes