PHIL 415:Philosophy of Culture

Topics will include traditionalism versus modernism, cultural universalism and versions of relativism, ethnicity and ethnocentrism, problems of nation-building and national integration, national and cultural identity in Africa, multiculturalism and cultural...

PHIL 414:Philosophical Thought of Kwame Nkrumah

An introductory exploration of the philosophical content and significance of Nkrumah’s published and extant writings, in the evolution of Africans’ domestic political debates, the way Africa features in contemporary global politics, the theme of...

PHIL 413:Phenomenology

Elucidation of key phenomenological terms including ‘truth adequation’ and ‘knowledge fulfilment’ in the transcendental phenomenology of Husserl.  A study of the two basic principles of his transcendental subjectivity and ‘...

PHIL 412:Philosophy of the Human Sciences

Considers the possibility of self-understanding through modern scientific methods, and problems peculiar to the idiographic sciences—varieties of relativism, essentially contestable categories, pseudo precision, reason-giving explanation and...

PHIL 411:Contemporary Metaphysics

Recent developments in the new sciences of the atomic age and their impact upon contemporary debates in philosophy of mind, logic, ontology and studies in the foundations of mathematics.

PHIL 410:Further Studies in African Philosophy

Critical treatment of issues and questions that remain contemporary and pressing, many of which generate from indigenous African intellectual traditions, concerning human existence, conceptions of God, nature, ontology, personhood, destiny, views of morality...

PHIL 409:Philosophy of Law

Explores the relationship between the law, judiciary, and politics, competing theories of law including legal realism and positivism, Hart on legal precedent and Dworkin on constitutional law.  

PHIL 408:Applied Ethics

Deals with fundamental questions of practical concern about living in human society, analysing specific moral questions about personal relationships and responsibility, e.g. abortion, euthanasia, punishment, sex, the social implications of science and...

PHIL 407:Philosophy of Kant

The profound and lasting influence of this eighteenth century German’s contribution to epistemology and normative reasoning is accessible through an introduction to a selection of his works.

PHIL 406:Theories of Justice

The nature, purpose and genesis of concepts of justice, studying texts of Marx, Rawls and other seminal writers.