CLAS 404:Roman Literature and Society

A close study of the interface between literature (especially epic, historiography, satire, lyric, and elegiac poetry) and Roman society (especially the Republican and Imperial Eras).

CLAS 403:Greek Literature and Society

A critical study of the interface between society and literature (based on selected literary genres, including historiography, lyric, elegiac, and epic poetry, and the satirical elements in the works of Archilochus, Hipponax, and Aristophanes).

CLAS 402:Roman Philosophy and Science

An account of the ancient Romans’ practical extensions of Greek Stoicism, Epicureanism, and their adaptation of Greek mathematics, medicine and agriculture.

CLAS 401:The Philosophy of Plato

A study of Middle Period Plato, with particular attention to his theories of forms, justice, soul and political leadership.

CLAS 336:Reading Latin II

Focuses on the introduction of basic syntax: word-order, comparative constructions, constructions showing agreement; and the constructions of questions (single, double, deliberative), commands, and wishes.

CLAS 327:Graeco-Roman Mythology

A critical study of the origins of myths in Graeco-Roman antiquity, their oral functions and structure, literary uses, attitudes to and theories of interpretation

CLAS 325:Reading Greek II

This stage of Greek studies focuses on basic syntax, with exercises in reading and translation, covering word-order: positioning clitic particles, tmesis and pronouns; using the definite article to attribute, predicate or nominalise adjectives, participles,...

CLAS 324:Reading Latin I

The study concentrates on classical Latin. Morphology covers the various verb types and their conjugations, plus the declensions of nouns, pronouns, and adjectives, with exercises in reading and translation of basic sentences.



CLAS 323:Reading Greek I

A study of classical Greek, focusing on phonology, punctuation, morphology, declension of nouns, pronouns and adjectives, and the conjugation of verbs, with exercises in transliteration and pronunciation.

CLAS 322:Gender in Ancient Rome

A study of gender issues with emphasis on women, covering the conception, images and roles of, as well as the assumptions about, women in ancient Roman society, literature and art.