PHIL 405:Value Theory

Investigates general theories that analyse the variety of solutions to problems arising in ethics and aesthetics.  Examines the criteria of moral value in contrast with tests for veracity of empirical judgment.

PHIL 404:Philosophy and Contemporary African Experience

Conceptual analysis and evaluation of the shared post-colonial experience. Examines the relevance of traditional African values, practices, and institutions to contemporary life, including modern expressions of ethnicity, nationhood, democracy,...

PHIL 403:Modern Analytic Tradition

Study of the goals of a unified theory, the innovations of Frege, the construction and abandonment of a formal language for science, the reformation of philosophy dubbed ‘the linguistic turn’, efforts to protect philosophy from political co-...

PHIL 402:Methodology of the Sciences

Introducing the notion, origin, and principles of modern scientific rigour, the contribution of scientific activity to post modern notions of truth, the role of science in society, the development and retirement of the analogue of political revolutions to...

PHIL 401:The Philosophy of Plato

A study of Middle Period Plato, with particular attention to his theories of forms, justice, soul and political leadership.

PHIL 316:Philosophy of Education

The general notion of education is investigated as a process and an activity, through a confrontational examination of the notion of pedagogy, drawing upon both classical and modern texts, such as Plato, J.S. Mill, John Dewey, Franz Fanon.

PHIL 315:Philosophy and Literature

Philosophical reflection is conveyed in a variety of genres and styles of expression beyond the treatise form.  African literature written in English and in French translated into English will be examined as a vehicle of social protest and...

PHIL 314:Personhood

A study of questions arising about the concept of person in seminal texts that focus on the foundations of morality, political theory, cognitive science, psychology, theology, the interface between philosophy of mind, of language, and cross cultural...

PHIL 313:Philosophy of Gender

Reappraises basic principles assumed in mainstream philosophical canons to reveal their gendered context: public vs. private domains, essential vs. accidental qualities, innate vs. learned behaviour, human rights vs. women’s rights—exposing...

PHIL 312:Existentialism

A study of nineteenth and twentieth century Western philosophical ideas about moral agency in everyday life, the existence of God, and the nature of the self, based on the works of Kierkegaard, Sartre, Camus, and others.