CLAS 309:Arts of Government in Ancient Greece

A study of the various forms of government that defined the political character and attitude of the ancient Greeks, focusing on an examination of Spartan communism and the evolution of democracy in Athens.

CLAS 308:Slavery in Graeco-Roman Antiquity

A critical examination of the concept and institution of slavery in Graeco-Roman antiquity, focusing on forms of economic slavery; politics and slavery; the effects of slavery on society and the economy; slavery and human development. 

CLAS 307:History of the Archaic and Classical Periods

A study of a watershed period in early Western history, highlighting the evolution of the city-state, the development of literacy, democratic constitutions, the philosophic and scientific temper, the major wars, and the Hellenisation of a significant part of...

CLAS 306:Africa in the Ancient Roman World

A study of the encounter between the ancient Romans and Africans and the consequences. Topics include the physical presence of Africans, and African animals and products in the Roman world; trade relations; the social, economic, military and political...

CLAS 305:Africa in the Ancient Greek World

An account of the encounter between the ancient Greeks and Africans and the social, economic, military and political consequences as well as the attitudinal reactions of the Greeks to the encounter, as reflected in their plastic and literary arts. ...

CLAS 304:Roman Epic and Drama

A study of Roman epic with emphasis on Virgil’sAeneid, and of Roman drama, focusing on Plautus and Terence. Content will concentrate on the Greek influence in the production process; the themes and their political and social context, audience and...

CLAS 303:Greek Epic and Drama

Selected texts of epic and drama (tragedy and comedy) analysed and discussed in terms of their themes and social function; plot and structure, setting, characterisation, use of language and other literary devices, and general literary qualities.

CLAS 302:Socratic Philosophy

A critical introduction to Plato’s Socratic Dialogues, with special emphasis on analyses and discussions of the enduring scholarly issues in Socratic method(s), epistemology, ethics, politics and religion.

CLAS 301:Presocratic Philosophy

A historical, philological and logical study of the early beginnings of Western science and philosophy, concentrating on the construction and assessment of arguments based on the extant fragments and/or testimonia from Thales, through Parmenides and the...

PHCL 203:Outlines of Graeco-Roman Civilisations

A broad and general study of ancient Graeco-Roman civilisations, highlighting processes in the development of material culture and the major trends and developments in social (including religious), constitutional (including political), and literary (including...