PHCL 202:Outlines of Graeco-Roman Literatures

An historical account of key genres in ancient Greek and Roman literary works, traced from their folkloric orality and prototypes to their conscious classical developments, as illustrated through critical discussion of sample texts.

SREL 216:Introduction to Theological Studies

Definitions, meaning and nature of theology from Christianity, Islam and African Indigenous Religions (AIR) perspectives; Methodological issues – basic theological orientation; exegesis and interpretation, academic and popular approaches; importance of...

SREL 213:Introduction to Philosophy of Religion

The nature of religious and philosophical thinking. The nature, concerns and methodology of Philosophy of Religion. Aspects of religious faith and practice that provoke philosophical questions, e.g., arguments for and against the existence of God; life after...

PHCL 201:Problems of Philosophy

Introduces excerpts of seminal texts to reveal lasting controversies and questions that concern basic assumptions central to the canons of metaphysics, epistemology, foundations of morality, social commentary and political thought.

PHCL 102:Philosophical Questions

Designed to stimulate thought and discussion through the reading of extracts from primary texts that address central problems in epistemology, metaphysics, ethics, and political philosophy.  The aim is to help the student develop analytic skills by...