Welcome Message

As the Dean of School of Pharmacy welcomes you to the College of Health Sciences, University of Ghana, you are automatically welcomed to the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry.
As one of the five pillar departments of the School, our services to students cut across the four year period you will stay with the School. The department offers basic bioinorganic, physical, organic and analytical chemistry geared towards understanding and applications in other areas of your training. Our commitment to impart knowledge stretches into pharmaceutical/medicinal chemistry. We also give instructions about the basics of drug design and development and drug quality assurance.
The knowledge and expertise obtained by students from this department will aid them in synthesis, standardization, interpretation of drug interactions and analysis of chemical substance for medicinal use.
In addition this knowledge will help students understand the link between chemistry and other areas of the training such as pharmaceutics, pharmacology, Pharmacognosy, biochemistry, clinical pharmacy and pharmacy practice.