This diversification of the use of media is the foundation

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Osei Tutu
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As internet penetration keeps widening and social media platforms continue proliferating, Whiting & Williams (2013) argue that there is little knowledge on why and how people use social media.  Scholars predicted that the emergence and widespread usage of the internet would come with new changes in roles, personal, and social habits of media users. This diversification of the use of media is the foundation of the Uses & Gratification (U&G) Theory.

Therefore, the Uses and Gratification Theory is an ideal theory to identify and analyse the reasons why they use social media (Whiting & Williams, 2013).

Accordingly, applying the U & G Theory in social media studies is of great importance because these new forms of mass media are somewhat new in relation to old media. Unlike the traditional media that provided users with limited choices, these new media come up with new options, making the theory ideal for explaining the users’ needs and the gratifications achieved (Gallion, 2010). 


According to Ruggiero (2000) adopting the Uses and Gratifications approach allows researchers to outline and comprehend the significance of the uses of mediated communication, along with the numerous variables that should be taken into account for any type of media analysis. Given current study’s interest in understanding the needs that social media satisfy and among pupils and the factors that account for their utilisation, it relies on the theoretical insights of the Uses and Gratifications Theory.