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Human Resource for Health (HRH) is vital in the delivery and sustainability of healthcare and systems, yet the world is challenged by serious shortage of health workers especially in African, Caribbean and Pacific countries.  The shortage has been found to be one of the barriers to the achievement of health care, development and poverty eradication.  In order to address this problem, there is need to increase the number of highly trained professionals to meet the population needs and promote health education.

The Partnering for Health Professional Training in African Universities (P4PHT) project, coordinated by the University of Ghana is an academic mobility project which aims at building capacity of professionals with a view to expand the health workforce size in the target countries and subsequently improve well-being of communities through: improving health and quality of life of the communities through the prevention and treatment of disease; promoting healthy behaviours of the communities through Public Health Education; carry out surveillance and epidemiological studies for informed decision making; promote environmental Health through sensitization programmes; lead and manage health institutions effectively and efficiently; and, promoting research and advocacy for appropriate health policies.

The partnership is composed of;

  1. University of Ghana, Ghana (Coordinating Institution)
  2. Makerere University, Uganda;
  3. Uganda Martyrs University, Uganda;
  4. Stellenbosch University, South Africa;
  5. University of Nairobi, Kenya;
  6. Moi University, Kenya,
  7. Eduardo Mondlane University, Mozambique;
  8. University of Burundi, Burundi;
  9. University of Juba, South Sudan;
  10. University of Lesotho, Lesotho,
  11. Universite Catholique De Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo.

The institutions in this training partnership are well established in terms of infrastructure, academic resources and academic instructors. The project seeks to benefit different health professionals from the African region through the mobility scheme. The beneficiaries are envisaged to come from partner and non-partner institutions from Africa who would benefit from a wide range of health programmes/fields in Medical Sciences; Life Sciences; Public Health; and, Nursing and Midwifery.

The scheme is an opportunity for Africa HEIs to initiate mutual interaction and build high level professional human-resources capacity for quality training in health education and thus secure quality health services delivery. The training of Masters and PhDs students will enhance the production of vital human resource for the Africa region. Our expectation is to produce high quality graduates who are competent enough to be employable since there is already large vacuum of highly skilled labour force. With harmonisation of the programmes within the mobility, the graduates are expected to have equal employment and academic opportunities in any of the partner institutions.

The project has a target of providing scholarships to 18 students for doctoral studies, 43 students for Masters Studies and 8 staff exchanges among partner institutions