A. The Neighbourhood - features/characteristics

  1. The property must be within 15km radius from the University of Ghana Campus.
  2. The neighbourhood must be free from natural and man-made environmental hazards such as flooding, regular and heavy smoke resulting from a nearby industry, regular burning of tyres and other discarded materials or from a refuse dump, etc.
  3. The neigbourhood must be relatively quiet and away from noise prone facilities such as large markets, large lorry stations and a regular noisy congregation especially from evening up to dawn.
  4. The neighbourhood should be easily accessible by public transport - taxi, trotro, etc. for ease of commuting to and from Legon Campus.
  5. The location must be safe and relatively serene - not crime prone, not a known place for the use of narcotics nor marijuana. In addition, the area should not be a slum, etc.

B. The Property - features/characteristics

  1. The property must be connected to public electricity system. A standby generator will be an advantage.
  2. The property must have adequate illumination, especially during the night.
  3. It must be properly secured - either manned by security personnel especially at night, by means of CCTV cameras, long walls and/or wall with electric barbed wire, etc.
  4. The property must have adequate and reliable water supply system. Availability of water reservoir and/or water tank is recommended.
  5. The room sizes must meet the standards prescribed by the National Building Regulation - minimum of 12 x 13.
  6. It must have adequate washrooms relative to the number of occupants in a room or the house – a maximum of four to a washroom.
  7. It must have a living area or compound for students to socialize and receive visitors.
  8. It must have a kitchen with fire detection and fighting equipment installed.
  9. Furnished rooms will be an added advantage.
  10. No compound houses are eligible.