Vice-Chancellor Inaugurates CCTV Security System

Vice-Chancellor Ebenezer Oduro Owusu and Mr. Emmanuel Sekyere Asiedu cutting the tape to inaugurate the monitoring centre

An alumnus of the University, Mr. Emmanuel Sekyere Asiedu, has donated a solar-backed Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) Surveillance system to the University. The installation was jointly unveiled by the Vice-Chancellor and Mr. Sekyere Asiedu.

Officials present at the ceremony watching a demonstration of the capabilites of the CCTV system by  Mr. Bondzie Acquah, Director, Operations, Virtual Security Africa

Mr. Sekyere Asiedu, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Virtual Security Africa (VSA), said he was moved to do this to assist the University to ward off crime and to assure a secure and safe environment for members of the university community especially students.

He was assisted in this endeavour by the Independent Power Supply Implementation Team, an initiative of the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Ebenezer Oduro Owusu.

In his remarks, Mr. Sekyere Asiedu noted that he was inspired to come to the assistance of his alma mater following the spate of attacks on students along the road leading from the Africa Union hostels to Evandy hostel situated on the University’s Legon campus and also in line with the corporate social responsibility of his company. He said as an alumnus, he believed he was obliged to give back to his alma mater.

Mr. Sekyere Asiedu expressed gratitude to the University for impacting his life positively and commended the University of Ghana Computing Systems (UGCS), Physical Development and Municipal Services Directorate, and the Strategic teams for their effort in making the installation of the CCTV cameras a success. He appealed to corporate institutions and alumni of the University to lend their support in solving the numerous challenges confronting the University.

Mr. Bondzie Acquah, Director, Operations, Virtual Security Africa, in brief remarks indicated that the high-performance surveillance service comprises four (4) cameras of which two set of fixed cameras are located at Evandy Hostel Junction and the other two Africa Union, and one(1) Pan-tilt-zoom(ptz) camera to provide 24/7/365 availability. He added that the University’s effort to build upon the system will extend the coverage of the electronic surveillance to other parts of the University.

Earlier, the Vice-Chancellor acknowledged the support from Mr. Sekyere Asiedu and said he had been true to the University. He was optimistic that this would enhance security coverage in the University.

Prof. Andrew Anthony Adjei, Coordinator of the Vice-Chancellor’s Strategic Teams, expressed immense appreciation to all who put in their maximum effort to guarantee the safety of students and the University Community at large.

One of the monitoring camera units on the Annie Jiagge Road

A number of university officials and student representatives were present at the brief ceremony.

The system is expected to monitor activity on the stretch leading to some of the private student hostels, African Union, Evandy and James Topp Nelson Yankah student hostels on the Annie Jiagge Road.


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