UTAG-UG Holds Election And Handing Over Ceremony For New Executives

Picture of Dr. Harry Agbanu, Outgoing President (left) handing over to the incoming President, Dr. Samuel N. Nkumbaan (right).  Looking on is Dr. Innocent Lawson.

University of Ghana’s branch of the University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) has held its general elections to elect new executives. A handing over ceremony which was held on 26th September, 2019 ushered in the new executives to steer the affairs of UTAG-UG for a 2-year tenure.

The new President is Dr. Samuel N. Nkumbaan, who takes over from Dr. Harry Agbanu. The other executives are Dr. Samuel Kojo Kwofie, Vice-President, Dr. Bethel Kwansa-Bentum, Secretary and Dr. Enid Owusu, Treasurer.

The association which was formerly known as the Ghana Association of University Teachers (GAUT) started during the 1964/65 academic year as a group of mainly expatriate senior members.  They organized film shows, musical, dance and theatre performances by way of entertainment during the weekends. Chartered flights to the United Kingdom were also organized to make their annual overseas holidays cheaper.

In 1973, a group of Ghanaian senior members led by Dr. R.G. Baeta, Dr. John Hyde and Dr. Yeboah Amankwah undertook some reorganisation aimed at enhancing the image and perception of the association. A strategy was mapped out which saw the entire executive change from an all expatriate to an almost all-Ghanaian affair.  The name of the association was also changed to UTAG.

UTAG became more involved in academic affairs and policy issues of the University which saw the then Vice-Chancellor Prof. Alexander Adum Kwapong giving his recognition. The association has since become a professional association desirous of promoting the academic, professional and economic welfare of its members and the welfare of the entire academic community; safeguarding and promoting the ideals and values of academic freedom and integrity. 

UTAG has grown over time to become a National Association with membership drawn from all the public universities in Ghana including international associations with sister unions abroad.  UTAG believes that solidarity within its ranks is important for the purpose of achieving its common goals and objectives.

A group picture of  some of the members present at the ceremony