University of Ghana holds 2019 Matriculation Ceremony

Miss Vanessa Adwoa Adzadi being assisted by Mrs. Christy Badu, Ag. Director, Academic Affairs to sign the Matricula

The 2019 Matriculation Ceremony has taken place on Saturday, September 28, 2019 to welcome freshmen and women to the University.

In all 18,212 students comprising 15,167 undergraduate, and 3,045 graduate students and 409 international students have enrolled for the 2019/2020 academic year to pursue various academic programmes in all the University’s campuses.

                                                                             Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Ebenezer Oduro Owusu

The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Ebenezer Oduro Owusu in an address congratulated the freshmen and women for their ardent performance to qualify for admission into the University and stated the significance of matriculation as well as the university’s expectations of students.

The Vice-Chancellor further admonished the matriculants to contribute their quota to enhance the image of the University, to participate fully in all activities and be committed to their studies. He further advised the students to be vigilant and security conscious while on campus, and report suspicious activities to University authorities.

Prof. Oduro Owusu encouraged the students to report cases of sexual harassment or misconduct. "Never be afraid of victimization. You are assured of maximum protection from the University so be bold and do what is just and right," he said.

With a current male to female ratio at 51:49 per cent, the Vice-Chancellor disclosed that the University of Ghana has exceeded its target of achieving a female to male intake enrolment ratio of 50:50 respectively by the year 2020.  He said the university will continue to strive towards achieving the 50:50 ratio or better,” he added. Prof. Owusu also observed that for the ninth year running, students who completed their WASSCE in May, were able to enter the university in the same year of writing their examinations.

He mentioned that the University continued with its policies of giving the opportunity for applicants to access university education through:

• The Affirmative Action Policy for Women;

• Concession for applicants from Less Endowed Schools;

• Admission of Student Athletes;

• Admission of Students with Special Needs.

The Vice-Chancellor indicated that the University would continue to work with the relevant agencies towards expanding its intake, as it prepared for the expected large number of applicants next year, following the graduation of the first batch of Senior High School leavers, under the Free Senior High School programme.

Speaking on issues bordering on residential accommodation for students, Prof. Ebenezer Oduro Owusu said that management of the University was about entering into an agreement with the alumni association of the Commonwealth Hall to build annexes to accommodate more students. The Vice-Chancellor added that he was hopeful that the project will see fruition in part hopefully within a year after it has begun.

                                                                                             Mrs. Mercy Haizel-Ashia, Registrar

Earlier, the Registrar, Mrs. Mercy Haizel-Ashia, in a brief statement welcomed the freshmen and women to the 2019 matriculation ceremony.  She later administered the Matriculation Oath which to the students. She mentioned that the attention of University officials had been drawn to reports of some persons who were impersonating officials of the University to offer fraudulent admission and accommodation to students.  She therefore entreated all and sundry to contact the Admissions Office of the University of Ghana on issues relating to admissions, and authorized hall authorities.

                                                                                                           Miss Vanessa Adwoa Adzadi

Miss Vanessa Adwoa Adzadi, College of Humanities, on behalf of the matriculating class spoke about their expectations as students, reiterating their hope that the University will provide a conducive environment to undertake their studies. She signed the Matricula on behalf of her colleagues freshmen and women. All students were also entreated to sign the online matriculation oath which makes them bonafide students of the University as specified in the basic laws of the University.

The ceremony was attended by officials of the University including the Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Research, Innovation and Development), Provosts of the Colleges, Deans and Directors, Heads of Department and Halls, Senior Tutors as well as other Members of Convocation.

The matriculation ceremony was witnessed by some parents and guardians. In attendance were the Ghana Dance Ensemble and the University of Ghana Jubilee Choir.

Section of the Matriculants seated during the ceremony

Section of the Matriculants seated during the ceremony