UG Receives Officials from Fondazione Edu Scholarship Foundation Scheme

A group picture after the event

Officials from the Fondazione Edu Scholarship Scheme in Italy recently visited the University of Ghana.  The visit, which is made annually, affords them the opportunity to interview and recruit more students on to the scholarship scheme, as well as interact with graduates and continuing student beneficiaries of the scholarship. 

The officials also called on the acting Dean of Student Affairs, Professor Godfred A. Bokpin.  

Welcoming them to the University, Professor Bokpin extended his appreciation on behalf of the University to the Fondazione Edu Scholarship Foundation for the partnership that has existed between the University and the Foundation over the years. He was impressed at the donors’ active participation in the selection process of student beneficiaries, noting that it motivates and inspires students to work harder knowing they are being monitored. He expressed the hope that students would put in their best since the only requirement is to maintain a 3.0 G.P.A or better. 

Prof. Bokpin holding discussions with representatives from the Fondazione Edu Scholarship Foundation

In brief remarks, Mrs. Christie Baning, Head of the Students Financial Aid Office (SFAO), indicated that the Fondazione Edu Scholarship Foundation has been in partnership with the University for the past six years, beginning from the 2013/2014 academic year. She noted that representatives from the foundation attended the November 2018 Congregation ceremony to celebrate the graduation of six student beneficiaries from its batch of graduates. The other students graduated earlier in July. Mrs. Baning was however sad to disclose that many students could not continue to benefit from the scholarship due to their inability to maintain the grade requirements and had to drop out of the programme. 

Mrs. Christie Baning

Miss. Valentine Mutti, an official of the Fondazione Edu Scholarship Foundation disclosed that University of Ghana is the first university the foundation decided to partner with since its inception, and later included Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology after two years of satisfactory performance from the University of Ghana. She expressed her excitement at the steady increase in the number of applicants.  

On her part, Miss. Clara Piaggo, an official of the Fondazione Edu Scholarship Foundation congratulated the six graduates who are now the batch of alumni for the foundation. She again congratulated the first female student on the scheme who happened to be part of the graduating batch.  She finally welcomed the new students on board and congratulated the continuing students for meeting the required grade point considering the scholarship’s strict grading system. She encouraged them to even work harder in order to remain on the scheme. 

Dr. Wassiuw Abdul Rahaman, who chaired the ceremony, commended donors like Fondazione Edu Scholarship Scheme for aiding the University in its quest to making education accessible to all a possibility. He further urged the graduates of the scheme to be selfless in the pursuit of further education and aspire to impact not only their societies or country but also the world at large. He revealed that he was also a beneficiary of such funding from similar bodies which acted as a springboard for his present achievement. He further encouraged the continuing beneficiaries to emulate the example of the graduates by working extra hard. 

Presentations were made to the graduates present. The beneficiaries also made presentations to their benefactors in appreciation of their kind gesture. A representative of each year group gave a brief speech in expression of their gratitude, and also took the opportunity to advise students on the scheme to work harder in order to benefit fully from it.

Beneficiaries presenting gifts to Miss. Valentine Mutti and Miss. Clara Piaggo, officials of the Fondazione Edu Scholarship Scheme

Officials of the Fondazione Edu Scholarship Scheme and the Head of Student Financial Aid Office, Mrs. Christie Baning addressed concerns and listened to suggestions of students, aimed at finding ways to facilitate the relationship.