UG Lecturer Secures USD700,000 Grant to Establish Air Quality Sensor Evaluation and Training Hub

Dr. Allison Felix Hughes, a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Physics at the University of Ghana, has been awarded a 3-year research grant worth 700,000 United States Dollars from the Clean Air Fund, UK. The grant will be utilized to establish a low-cost air quality sensor evaluation and training hub in Ghana.

Dr. Hughes, in collaboration with AfriqAir, based at the Kigali Collaborative Research Center (KCRC) of the Carnegie Mellon University Africa in Kigali, Rwanda, will spearhead the implementation of this ambitious project.

The groundbreaking project known as Afri-SET, aims to promote the responsible adoption of low-cost air quality sensors throughout West Africa, thereby enhancing air quality monitoring capacity and directly supporting effective health and environmental policy-making in the region.

Under the project, Afri-SET will be responsible for evaluating and calibrating low-cost sensors from various manufacturers and will ensure that end-users are well-informed about the capabilities and limitations of these sensors.

Low-cost air quality sensors have emerged as a valuable tool in increasing public awareness about air pollution and encouraging behavioral changes. As part of this initiative, the project will facilitate capacity building, training, and community knowledge, exchange for students and air quality practitioners in Africa. This will be accomplished through a series of in-person and online training sessions, including webinars and open-access data, and self-paced training materials.

The University of Ghana, renowned for its mission of remaining increasingly relevant to national and global development through cutting-edge research, congratulates Dr. Allison Felix Hughes on this significant achievement.

This grant further solidifies the University's position as a leading institution dedicated to advancing scientific knowledge and addressing pressing societal challenges.