UG Delegation Calls on Family of Late S.B. Mfodwo

The Registrar, Mrs. Mercy Haizel-Ashia, on Friday, 10th April, 2015 led a ten-member delegation to call on the family of the late Stephen Bekoe Mfodwo at the family home at Tesano, Accra.

In paying tribute to the late Mr. Mfodwo, Mr J.M. Budu (former Registrar) and Mr. F.K. Yeboah (former College Registrar of the College of Health Sciences) in separate remarks recalled Mr. Mfodwo’s firmness, humility and diligence, and his enduring popularity among students who identified his name with university examinations. 

While expressing the University’s condolences to the bereaved family, the Registrar assured the family of the University’s support for the burial and final funeral rites of the former Deputy Registrar.

Delegation in a pose with the bereaved family

Mr. S. B. Mfodwo who passed away on Friday, Marcy 20, 2015 was first appointed as Assistant Registrar and assumed duty on 1st April, 1962.  He was promoted to the grade of Senior Assistant Registrar, with effect from 1st October, 1965.

He was assigned to Legon Hall as a Fellow on 1st April, 1962.  Mr. Mfodwo also performed part-time duties in the Department of English from March to April, 1963, during the illness of the incumbent lecturer.

On 1st September, 1970, Mr. Mfodwo took leave of absence for two years to take up appointment as Director General of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation.  A few years after he returned to post, he was promoted to the grade of Deputy Registrar with effect from 1st March, 1975.

During Mr. S.B. Mfodwo’s service to the University, he worked with Registrars E.A.K. Edzii and E.O. Dodoo, under the administration of Vice-Chancellors Cruise C. O’Brien, Alexander A. Kwapong, Adzei Bekoe and Akilagpa Sawyerr. 

For most students who passed through the University during this period, the name “Mfodwo” became synonymous with examinations, mainly because he signed all the examinations time-tables and the results of the examinations.

Mr. S.B. Mfodwo retired from the service of the University on 17th June, 1986.

Information about the burial arrangements will be circulated as soon as this is received from the family.