Prof. Bruce Kofi Banoeng-Yakubo Delivers Inaugural Lecture

Prof. Bruce Kofi Banoeng-Yakubo delivering the inaugural lecture

Prof. Bruce Kofi Banoeng-Yakubo a professor of Geology, Department of Earth Science and a former Dean of Student Affairs has delivered an inaugural lecture on the topic: “Groundwater Resources Development in Ghana: Past, Present and Future”.

Prof. Banoeng-Yakubo’s lecture focused on the importance and development of sustainable groundwater. He argued that many cities in the United States of America, Europe, China, Indonesia and Africa depend wholly or partially on groundwater for domestic, agricultural and industrial water supplies and if Ghana were to adopt more efficient methods of exploiting groundwater resources it would serve the nation as the main source of water for domestic, agriculture and industrial uses. He further outlined some factors that impedes the nation’s effort to provide groundwater as a sustainable source of water supply, one of which was the growth of the country’s population rendering the achievements in the area of groundwater insignificant.

In his closing remarks, he stated that Ghana had adequate groundwater resources which should be harnessed for conjunctive use such as agriculture and livestock rearing. He added, that the government’s “Planting for Food and Jobs” programmes would achieve its full objectives, especially in the northern sector and dry parts of the country if more boreholes are drilled for food and horticultural cropping as well as animal rearing to provide the necessary jobs and move the youth away from illegal mining.   

The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Ebenezer Oduro Owusu who chaired the inaugural lecture congratulated Prof. Bruce Kofi Banoeng-Yakubo for a brilliant lecture and emphasized the need to stop the destruction of our water bodies especially through illegal mining since they served as the main source of water for irrigation, energy generation, tourism, recreation, industrial purposes and domestic use, as well as natural heritage.

Prof. Ebenezer Oduro Owusu, Vice-Chancellor of the University

There were presentations from the College of Basic and Applied Sciences, Department of Earth Sciences, Commonwealth Hall and family to Prof. Bruce Kofi Banoeng-Yakubo.

Prof. Daniel K. Asiedu, making a presentation to Prof. Bruce Kofi Banoeng-Yakubo on behalf of the College of Basic and Applied Sciences

A presentation by the Department of Earth Sciences

A presentation from the wife and children of Prof. Bruce Kofi Banoeng-Yakubo

A presentation from the Old Vandals Association

Prior to the inaugural lecture, a week-long exhibition of Prof. Banoeng-Yakubo’s scholarly works was held at the Balme Library. The ceremony to open the exhibition was attended by the Vice-Chancellor of the University, Prof. Ebenezer Oduro Owusu, the University Librarian, Prof. Perpetua Dadzie and Provost of the College of Basic and Applied Sciences Prof. Daniel K. Asiedu. Also present at the ceremony was the Paramount Chief of Ullo traditional area, Upper West Region.

Prof. Bruce Kofi Banoeng-Yakubo’s exhibition centred on hydrochemistry and causes of fluoride enrichment in groundwater, conceptualization of the hydrogeological system of some sedimentary aquifers with regards to northern Ghana and Ground water flow in some crystalline rock aquifers in southern Ghana among others. He has over 80 publications to his credit.

Prof. Banoeng-Yakubo cutting the tape to open the exhibition of his scholarly works

Prof. Bruce Kofi Banoeng-Yakubo taking participants through his scholarly works