Minister Of Communications Inspects HIAC Project At College Of Health Sciences

Dr. Edward Omane Boamah

The Minister of Communications, Dr. Edward Omane Boamah has visited the College of Health Sciences, Korle-Bu to acquaint himself with progress of work on the e-Ghana sponsored project at the College. The project seeks to refurbish the existing computer laboratory to support teaching and learning through ICT as well as bring information access to the doorstep of faculty, students, researchers and staff.

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The meeting in progress with Mr. Nelson Osae, e-project Ghana, making brief comments

As part of the visit the Minister and his team interacted with management and staff of the College as well as the contractor at the Charles Mensah conference room located in the Charles Easmon building of the College administration.

Dr. Edward Omane Boamah noted that the government has given the National Information Technology Agency (NITA) the necessary support to undertake projects such as the Health Information Access Centres, adding that similar Centres will be constructed in the various regions in the country especially areas close to the national fibre-optic backbone. He urged the University of Ghana to collaborate with other institutions through the fibre optic links and the IACs to train and provide services to schools and other health facilities outside the capital. He pledged his commitment to ensure that the project is completed on schedule. Dr Omane Boamah promised the College 20 computers, furniture for IT staff and the provision of Access Points on student hostels.

The Deputy Provost of the College, Prof. Joseph D. Seffah, underscored the need to ensure that the Centre will provide appropriate services to justify the purpose for which the project was undertaken. He appealed to the Ministry to provide the College with Wireless Access Points to be deployed in the Students’ Hostels which have been connected to the campus internet backbone by fibre-optic cables.

The Head of IT at the College, Mr. Barfi-Adomako Owusu, gave general background information on Information Access Centres (IACs). He emphasised that the completion of the Centre at the Korle-Bu campus will improve access to information and e-resources by faculty, researchers, staff and students.

Mr Barfi-Adomako noted that, the extension of the Ghana fibre optic backbone to hostels and departments, which this is part of Phase II of the University of Ghana ICT-based Distance Learning Project is on-going. He said the project seeks to enhance distance and continuing education using Information and Communication Technologies and also involves University-wide computer and networking upgrade and expansion. He further noted that the project was funded by the Chinese government and government of Ghana through the Ministry of Education.

The Minister together with his entourage and management of the college toured the Health Information Access Centre (HIAC) to inspect the facilities. They expressed satisfaction at the progress made so far at the facility. The Minister commended the contractor for the good work done and also for delivering according to specifications.

The Health Information Access Centre (HIAC) at Korle-Bu Campus, when completed will use ICT to support teaching and learning as well as encourage research and the use of e-resources available on the internet to improve the quality of health professionals needed to oversee the health needs of the citizenry.

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A shot of one of the computer laboratories