Dr. Moritz Hennemann Delivers Public Lecture on German Law

Dr. Moritz Hennemann, a lecturer at Institute of Media and Information Law, Law Faculty, University of Freiburg, Germany has delivered a public lecture on the topic “Introduction to German Law”.  The lecture which was held at the University of Ghana School of Law Auditorium was chaired by the Dean, Prof. Raymond Atuguba.

Prof. Raymond Atuguba, Dean, School of Law

Delivering the introductoryremarks, Prof. Raymond Atuguba said the lecture was in line with a new partnership between University of Ghana and University of Freiburg.  He welcomed Dr. Hennemann to the School and said he had earlier called on the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Ebenezer Oduro Owusu.

In his presentation, Dr. Hennemann gave a brief introduction of German law and legal education in Germany.  Lega education, he said,  should be understood in every legal profession.  He indicated that students in Germany study law for four years and take two examinations which includes legal collections. 

Dr. Moritz Hennemann

According to Dr. Hennemann,  German law students study three main pillars of law namely:  Private Law, Public Law and Program law, adding that the main qualification for the German law is based on the written Constitution which he stressed was the starting point to solving specific cases.

Dr. Hennemann mentioned that while the Constitution was the main source of basic law in Germany, the European Union Law becomes applicable when there are contradictions.  He further noted that the national law, public international law and commercial law were also sources of law.

The lecturer also spoke about the German civil code which was enacted in 1896. Dr. Hennemann emphasized that the German legal system is a system of civil laws which was founded on principles laid out by the basic laws for the Federal Republic of Germany.

A very insightful lecture, the audience made up of students and faculty, posed questions and made comments after his delivery. 

The Dean of the School of Law, Prof. Raymond Atuguba expressed gratitude to the lecturer for an excellent presentation and thanked participants for attending the lecture.   

Present at the lecture were Mr. Adul Baasit Abdul Aziz, lecturer, University of Ghana School of Law, Dr. Abdallah Ali-Nakyea, Managing Partner of Ali-Nakyea & Associates. Mr. Samuel Amebley, Assistant Registrar as well as students and staff of the School of Law.

Cross section of audience at the lecture