Ag. UG Librarian Wins Osmosis ‘‘Raise the Line’’ Faculty Awards (Librarian Category)

The Ag. University Librarian, Mrs. Theodosia Adanu, has won the 2022 Grand Prize Osmosis Raise the Line Faculty Award, Librarian category. According to the organisers, this award recognises the incredible work of health educators who are helping to “raise the line” by increasing the healthcare capacity around the world.

With over 1,000 faculty nominations from 377 institutions around the world, the panel examined the nominations in order to select a few educators. The winners received many nominations with their students and colleagues submitting videos and testimonials, to show the panel how their nominees embody the Osmosis values.  

One of Mrs. Adanu’s nominators had this to say about the distinguished Librarian:

"I am nominating Theodosia Adanu because she is deeply committed to the students at University of Ghana and the future of medicine in her community. In addition to Theodosia's role as a Librarian, she also serves as a fierce advocate for evidence-based teaching and practice. Theodosia has championed the use of evidence-based digital tools at University of Ghana, encouraging students to habituate to consulting the evidence in practice. Overall, Theodosia is an ideal candidate for the Osmosis “Raise the Line” award due to her dedication to improving the capacity of the next generation of healthcare professionals."

In an interview with Lindsey Smith, Director of Engagement at Osmosis from Elsevier, Mrs. Theodosia Adanu advised students who wish to study medicine to take literacy courses seriously. 

My advice to them would be to take the information literacy courses seriously and then to make use of the online resources we provide for them, such as ClinicalKey, Science Direct, Mendeley, and then Up-to-date. That's also an evidence-based tool. Take them seriously and to use them because medicine is changing, and there's more of a lean towards evidence-based practice and you should take it seriously from the beginning,” Mrs. Adanu advised.

Mrs. Adanu thanked family, friends and colleagues for contributing to her achievement.

First of all, I'd like to thank my library team who have allowed me to mentor them and carry on the aim of promoting evidence-based clinical care in research and practice and learning and making themselves available to their students and faculty when they come and introducing these resources to them. I'd also like to thank my husband, who is himself a medical practitioner, for how he's believed in me and presented me with opportunities to promote evidence-based research and consulted me when he's had to in his own research and career. I'd like to thank him for the opportunities he's given me and the confidence he's expressed in me. And then I'd like to thank all those who have believed in me to consult and ask me different things in the medical field related to teaching, research, and even asked me to take classes for their students. I'd like to thank them also. I'd also like to thank my students who have imbibed knowledge that I presented to them. Then last but not least, I'd like to thank all those who nominated me for this award, and to you, the Osmosis team, a big thank you for selecting me,’ she remarked. 

Mrs. Adanu was nominated alongside Witold Kozakiewicz, Medical University of Lodz; Karina Kletscher, Creighton University School of Medicine-Phoenix; Rhonda Altonen, Touro Osteopathic College of Medicine and Jennifer Santos, Touro Osteopathic College of Medicine.

The Prize for the Award includes the Osmosis and Elsevier swag, access to multiple Elsevier products, an interview on the Raise, the Line podcast and a gift certificate. 

Hearty Congratulations, Mrs. Theodosia Adanu!