Simon Bawakyillenuo


He is a Human Geographer by academic training. Currently he is a Senior Research Fellow and the Head of Statistics and Survey Division at the Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research (ISSER), University of Ghana, Legon, Ghana. He attained his PhD in Human Geography and MSc in Environmental Policy and Management from the University of Hull, UK, in 2007 and 2003 respectively. His research interests cover forms of energy and their interrelationships with health and the environment; energy policy and governance; renewable energy dissemination and utilisation discourses; climate change; environmental policy and governance; green economy; and political economy of energy. Since joining ISSER in 2011, he has worked on not less than 30 research projects and collaborated with numerous international research institutions including, IDRC, IDS, UCL, IRENA, ODI, World Bank, SEA, UNEP, IFPRI, etc. Prominent among the projects he undertook within the context of energy and environment since joining ISSER are: the “Green Economy Scoping Study for Ghana” (2012); “Green Economy Assessment study for Ghana” (2015); “Supporting Sub-Saharan African Municipalities with Sustainable Energy Transitions” (SAMSET) project” (2013-2017); “Green Growth Diagnostics study for Africa” (2014-2017); “Climate change Finance Study for Ghana” (2015); “Unlocking the economic benefits of productive uses of energy for women in Ghana” (2018); “Energy Safety Nets-Ghana” (2019). He has served on various national steering committees on Environment, Climate Change and Green Economy issues. Since 2011, he has been an editorial board member of the Local Environment (The International Journal of Justice and Sustainability) and has published largely on energy and climate change related issues.

Principal Investigator IFG 4, September - December 2020
University of Ghana