MIASA welcomes new Fellows on-site


From left to right: Rebecca Adu (MIASA Administrator), Dr. Rogers Orock (MIASA Fellow), Dr. Lamine Doumbia (MIASA Fellow), Fafali Roy Ziga-Abortta (External Researcher), Dr. Michael Stasik (MIASA Fellow), Dr. Susann Baller (MIASA Director Germany), Dr. Christal Spel (MIASA Fellow), Prof. Vivian Dzokoto (MIASA Fellow), Dr. Agnes Schneider-Musah (MIASA Academic Coordinator)


It is now for the second time this year that MIASA is welcoming new fellows on-site on Legon campus at the University of Ghana. Four international researchers, who will be working on individual projects relating to MIASA’s topic of Sustainable Governance, have arrived in early August, and another one will be following in September. It is the first time since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic that all fellows have been able to travel to Ghana to start their fellowship on-site.

The fellows’ research topics range from fields such as anthropology, history and sociology to economic psychology, which characterizes MIASA’s most important overall aim: interdisciplinary exchange. While the new fellows are to the major part working on their individual projects, lively exchange among them, as well as with two fellows from the previous academic year who are still at MIASA, can already be witnessed.

In addition to these new individual fellows, MIASA will receive its fifth Interdisciplinary Fellow Group (IFG 5) in September. After research on migration (IFG 1), parliaments & democracy (IFG 2), rural transformation (IFG 3) and energy transitions (IFG 4), the current IFG’s topic will be on matters of restitution of looted cultural objects in cooperation with the Department of Archeology at the University of Ghana. We are happy that the University of Ghana and MIASA are equipped and prepared to guarantee for continuing lively academic exchange even in times of the pandemic – both virtually and on-site.

The new fellows: Dr. Lamine Doumbia (Junior Individual Fellow, DHI Paris/CREPOS), Prof. Vivian Dzokoto (Senior Individual Fellow, Virginia Commonwealth University), Dr. Rogers Orock (Senior Individual Fellow, University of the Witswatersrand), Dr. Michael Stasik (Junior Individual Fellow, Max-Planck-Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity Göttingen); to join in September: Dr. John Nott (Junior Individual Fellow, University of Maastricht)